biloxi shrimping trip "70 minute living marine educational cruise" come learn about the gulf of mexico and all the creatures that call it home. the pride and heritage of biloxi comes alive aboard this unique and educational cruise. the biloxi shrimping trip exposes students to the spectacular world of sea life caught on a real shrimping expedition. upon leaving the harbor, the shrimping net is set out with full details of how and what makes the net spread and operate. the net will catch any and all sea creatures in its  path, along with the shrimp. the varieties range from blue crabs, flounder, stingray, shark, pufferfish and a wide variety of other local marine life. the entire catch will be identified in detail including it's importance in our eco-system and presented to the students, so they get hands on experience. the 70-minute living marine adventure cruise in navigated in the calm, protected waters of deer island and the biloxi shoreline for your comfort. all captains are uscg certified and all crew is trained in cpr and first aid. our vessels are also inspected for safety by the united states coast guard. student pricing $13.00 per student any age 2 teachers and driver free. call us at 228-392-8645 to book your student group. visit our website at the above rates are for groups of 20 or more only. reservations must be made 1 month in advance to receive special rates.

Biloxi Shrimping Trip

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