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Burials at Sea & Cremations

Celebrate the life of your loved one aboard the Sail Fish.
We offer cremation scattering on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
People choose cremation for a variety of reasons. Some do so based on environmental concerns. Others have philosophical or religious reasons. Still, others choose cremation because they feel it is simpler and less complicated.

After your local funeral home has taken care of your loved one you may have a private memorial service aboard the “Sail Fish”. You may scatter your loved one’s cremation remains in the Mississippi Sound waters.

We can accommodate up to 49 passengers. The boat has upper and lower decks for your comfort.

Prices start at just $450.00 for up to 15 people, then the rate is $30.00 per person (any age)

Private Services are approximately 70 minutes long. We can arrange a service any time of day including a sunset service. We also offer longer services to suit your family's needs. Please ask about pricing for longer services.
Please call Capt. Brandy L. Moore at (228) 392-8645 for more information or to reserve your private memorial service.